You learn something when you’re broke.

What I learned while staring at a bank deposit form that told me I had $10.00 to my name is that I don’t like being broke.

I say that jokingly, but also with a little seriousness as well. It was not a great feeling for me. It taught me a very important lesson about savings.

Years later, while in practice, I was introduced to the concept of corporate reserves.

I was taught early on that having reserves built up for your practice/business was just a healthier way to go about running your operations. Reserves create less reactionary actions, and the ability for the business owner to have space to think if (more so WHEN) crisis arises.

I’m going to talk today, not so much about financial reserves, but marketing reserves; and more so, your POTENTIAL NEW PATIENT RESERVES.

And how building this up, over time, will end up giving you long-term success and a virtual ATM for your practice: A bank account that you can go back to each month and take deposits from and put it back into your business.

(This is, by the way what 95%, of your competition WILL NOT DO)

iVelocity’s Marketing Maximizer CRM & Brand Builder Program were brought on for 2 very important reasons.

  1. To automate the INITIAL follow-up process for all new patient leads/seminar registration. Our goal was to elevate the stress from your team and give them a system that can do 90% of the work.
  2. To track and score engagement To TRANSFORM old leads (existing lists) into brand spanking new patients.

And what I’m going to talk about today is the 2nd item, and how that can give you a regular supply of new patients each and every month; from a list that YOU’VE already paid for.


Okay, so technically it’s not free money, but you are MAXIMIZING the money that you’ve already spent by building constant rapport, connection and trust over time using specifically designed emotional content (Brand-Builder) that connects and builds authority for your business.


Powerful, emotional blog/article content

Video Content: Doctor videos & patient testimonial videos
Before & after images

Success stories

And it’s not just pushing this content out; the Marketing Maximizer CRM is TRACKING their engagement, while sending out LIVE, REAL-TIME notifications to your team to follow-up with a potential new patient who engaged with your content.

The difference between your new practice ATM and other programs, is this will be the first time that your staff will be notified in real time that a patient is engaging with your content.

And combined with our NEW Brand-Builder Program, our highly trained content writers will produce the emotional content that drives new patients to taking action on their health, while automating their engagement process.

If you’re looking to capitalize on money you’ve already spent, and MAXIMIZE every marketing dollar you spend, contact us today to learn more about our cutting-edge marketing systems.

We’d love to help you create a virtual ATM for business or practice!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Brand-Builder program, or to learn more about the Marketing Maximizer CRM, please reach out to us and we’ll be contact you shortly.


Dr. James Roman