After 11 years in online marketing, Facebook continues to be one of the most amazing marketing platforms that I’ve worked with, but I realized that you MUST know how to use it correctly.

Facebook’s entire algorithm is designed to do one thing for it’s users….


That’s why as marketers, we love it as a platform but you must understand the platform and how it works, especially for how it’s changing in 2018.

In order to connect people to other users AND to the platform itself, Facebook loves to show you what YOU WANT TO SEE.

We all have our favorite shows and websites that we read on a weekly basis. If you’re into exotic birds and click on information for exotic birds, guess what you see in your feed.

Love guns? Facebook will show you an endless supply of ads for gun shows, gun shops and other gun users.

Facebook does this because they want you to engage with other users and advertisers that you connect with.

But guess what happens when someone clicks on your ad for Stem Cells, Disc Pain, or Dental Implants?

Facebook stores this information and shows them MORE information about what they just clicked on.

Guess what that more information usually is…

Your Competitors’ Ads!

You have seen this before if you’ve ever filled out a opt-in form on Facebook. Say for a consultant or coach. Guess what you start to see in your newsfeed?

Other ads for business coaches.

Sign-up for stem cell information and days later you will see other advertisers for Stem Cell Therapy.

It’s the nature of the platform.

This is WHY your ad costs go up after a while, because you’re now competing against your competitors’ ads.

This is why you CANNOT use the same style of ads that your competitors are using.

That’s why we relaunched the NEW Brand-Builder program. It’s a way to stand out from the rest of your competition by running 7 different ads each week for your marketplace.

By giving potential new patients 7 options to learn more about your practice and your services, they are guaranteed to see new information in the form that works best for them.

Some new patients want to meet the doctor first, so they see videos produced by the doctor sharing his wealth of knowledge.

Some new patients want to see other patients who have used your care/treatment, so we share patient testimonial videos with them.

Other patients just want more information, so we send them multiple blog articles for them to learn more.

The Brand-Builder program builds you up as THE only authority in the marketplace because your audience continues to see content from you in several different forms, which increases their engagement.

If you’re interested in learning more about the NEW Brand-Build Program, please click on the link below and watch a short webinar replay where I review the entire program and how it works for building authority in your marketplace.