I am blessed and fortunate that I get to spend so much time every year visiting offices.

It’s sometimes tough to be on the road away from the family, but on every client sales training or office visit that I do, I learn something new.

I walk away with either a new perspective on practice, operations or marketing that I can share with the team and/or other clients.

In fact, we as a whole at iVelocity, have over 100 businesses that we get to learn from every year.

I think that gets lost on a lot of clients. It’s a real shame, but some clients only use us as a vendor for the business rather than a consultant.

Think about it.

If you had the chance to visit over 20 offices a year, see what’s working and what’s not working in over a 100 different offices, what could you do with that information?

When I was in practice, one of my favorite exercises was visiting other practices who were more successful than I was and each time I did, I came back with something to use in my office.

When was the last time you spent a day in someone else’s practice?

Most of the clients that we work with have been in practice for a while. There are a lot of them that are successful.  And a few that are not.  

And I’ve mentioned this before about the ONE thing that I see in successful business owners VS non-successful ones is the willingness to constantly learn.

 Well, I want to share something else with you today and it’s the entire reason why you must always seek to learn more and MASTER your systems and processes.

The 80/20 Rule.  

I know that you heard this before, but stay with me, because you haven’t seen it presented this way before.

Most businesses get 80% of the process right. They have a decent front office person, an average new patient experience, and they do the same average new patient consultation and treatment plan that everyone else does.

And these businesses get AVERAGE results in practice.

But the businesses that go the EXTRA 20%, and really nail the new patient experience, the new patient consultation and The ROF/Treatment Plan, are the ones that end up getting 80% more results than average offices.  

The magic (and the difference) in highly successful offices is the extra 20% that most offices won’t do.

But it’s not just how they sell their care.

You see it in their systems, their operations, and their teams.  The one’s that go the extra 20% are the ones with happier and motivated teams, more profitability a almost always a happy, grateful, and inspired owner.

The same is true for our New Patient Telephone Scripting and Lead Follow-up: The Extra 20% will get your 80% MORE Results.  

There is a reason why we recommend calling leads at 8am versus 9 or 10am.

There is a reason why we recommend 2 calls the first day, use text and emails as well.

There is a reason why we recommend a 4 day follow-up on every lead.

There is a reason why we recommend a 3 Step New Patient Script.

But what I see sometimes are team members only doing part of our recommendations. (80% of it)

  • They start their calls at 9am or 10am vs 8am
  • They do 1 phone call the first day
  • They do 1 or 2 days of follow-up vs 4 days
  • They schedule out past 7 days for a new patient appointment

All of these above will give you marginal/average results with our marketing. We know this from our experience of working with over a 100 offices a year, managing a call center and running our own operations.

And the best thing about doing the extra 20% on New Patient Scheduling and Lead Follow-up is it’s not that difficult.

It really isn’t.

It just takes knowledge, practice and execution.

If it’s a been a while since you’ve had a scheduling audit of your practice, or your team has not hopped on a training call in a few months, let us know.

Just reply to this blog and we’ll do an audit of your telephone scheduling. Here is a link for the most recent telephone training that we did.


That’s it for this week, strive for the extra 20!


Dr. James Roman
CEO iVelocity Marketing