How the Overcame 3 Powerful Emotions That Most Dental Implant & Full Arch Patients Experience When Walking Into Dental Practice.

I want to put you in a patient’s shoes for a just a second.

(stay with me, this will only take a moment)
I want you to imagine that you are a patient in need of serious dental care.

You’re missing several teeth and maybe wearing a partial denture, or probably even have a full denture as well.

You’ve had negative experiences with dental practices before in the past, and it’s just not a place that you enjoy walking into.

In addition, you’re ashamed and embarrassed that you let yourself go to the point where you’ve had most of your teeth removed.

What the rest of the world takes for granted, (a simple smile) you haven’t done in years. And as a result, you’re self confidence continues to get worse by the day.

You have a pretty solid idea what it will take to fix the problem, but you’re scared because you know that it will be expensive and take several visits to the dentist.

So for you to even walk through the door of a dental; you must overcome
Think about this for a moment. Would YOU want to show up to an office where you had to process all 3 of these powerful emotions at once?

It would be hard for anyone to show up for this appointment.

That’s when I realized that the typical rules of marketing were not going to work in Implant & Full Arch Dentistry.

For all of the other fields of healthcare that we market for, we don’t have these challenges. Patients may have to deal with some emotions, but not all 3 of these.

What we realized was we had to build a system to address all 3 of these emotions and do it over a period of time so we could establish TRUST, CONNECT and RAPPORT with an implant patient BEFORE they walked into one of our practices.

Enter the Brand-Builder Implant Marketing System!

It’s a combination of a 7 Ad Marketing Funnels plus a CRM / Content System that is designed to establish your clinic as the ONLY option for implant and full arch care.

The entire system is designed to build connection, rapport and trust PRIOR to a patient walking into the practice. We do this by creating ad campaigns that tell a story about the practice, show social proof of others talking about their experience in your practice, and give potential new patients a chance to meet you prior

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