One of the biggest “Ah-Hah” moments that I see dentists have when presenting Implant & Full Arch cases is when they finally realize that these patients are “Different” from what they are used to.

On a recent client visit, one of our clients said to me, “James, I finally get it now, these patients are just different from what I’m used to when I present my normal case.”

When I finally heard him say that, mentally I started jumping up and down because I knew from that point on, he was going to have success with selling more Implant and Full Arch cases in his practice.

On a recent client visit, one of our clients said to me, “James, I finally get it now, these patients are just different from what I’m used to when I present my normal case.”

Dr. James Roman

President , iVelocity Marketing

Why is that?

Because most dentists that hire us, have successful offices. They have either had extensive training in placing implants and full arches OR they have worked in an office doing these services and come with years of experience placing dental implants. Either way, most of their new patients come to their practice already being referred into the office.

And here is the difference.

When you’ve been in practice for some time, you generally have a lot more referral patients than marketing or advertised new patients. And for the most part, these cases are not high value cases, and if they are, the patient was referred in for this procedure so there is a level of trust established.

This usually means that the dentist will see an 80% acceptance rate with these type of new patients.

But Full Arch or Implant ADVERTISING patients are not the same. Hence, they cannot be treated the same way.

They are for the most part, complete strangers to your practice, with no established trust or credibility for your practice.

Don’t forget these points:

1) They don’t know how great your services are

2) They don’t know your qualifications

3) They don’t know how much experience you have.

So if you treat them like average dental patients, you will constantly struggle with these size cases.

The challenge that you have is the unique psychology of an Implant or Full Arch case. They are a different bread of dental patient.

The Psychology Of An Implant or Full Arch Patient:

They are NOT comfortable with dental offices in general. Either because of prior negative experiences or just a general fear of all dental offices.

They know the treatment will be expensive. They research online or have had other offices give them fees before, so they have an idea that their care is going to cost them what a new car will.

They are embarrassed and/or feel shame about letting their teeth go. For about 50% of these cases, it is a sheer miracle that the patient can even walk into the practice in the first place. Because they suffer with so much shame about losing their teeth in first place, that it’s hard for them to feel comfortable in a dental practice.

Dental Offices Are Just NOT Comfortable Places For Them.

And here is the BIG SECRET to Implant and Full Arch Sales.

You MUST create a clearly designed process for selling these types of cases and it has to look and feel dramatically different from how the average dental practice operates.

You have to deliver a Mind-Blowing New Patient experience that moves your practice into an exceptional category of service. While at the same time, creating MASSIVE influence by having a designed process for creating CONNECTION to your practice on the very first day.

Do this and you can convert 30-35% of all new implant cases into your practice.

Treat them the same as other dental patients and you’ll get 5% to start care.

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