Authority & Credibility.

That’s where the internet is going. Google’s most recent algorithm update was completely done to give more credibility to those content writers and websites that spend time building credibility and authority.

Chances are, you’re in a competitive marketplace, where there are several providers doing what you are doing. All vying to get the attention of your ideal customer or new patient. And when you’re trying to get the attention of a human being in 2018, that’s completely overwhelmed, overloaded with responsibilities, over scheduled….

Plain Vanilla Marketing just will not do it.

And you know exactly what I’m talking about. Vanilla marketing produced by your marketing firm will not win in 2019 and moving forward.

As platforms get more crowded, and you compete with more advertisers, it’s even more important for you to place your Face, (ie: a real live person) as the authority for your business. Someone has to step up to the role of; This Is Who We Are and What We Stand For.

That is where Google, Facebook and Instagram are all going. And the business owners, practice owners, doctors who stand up, and put their faces on their businesses, will win.

Right now, in every market, there is One Doctor,(if not several) who’s putting his or her face up front and connecting with their audience. Every week, they produce content (either written or video) that put’s who they are, out in front of the public, for the world to either fall in love with or hate, and those are one’s who will win in 2019.

You have to start producing your own content!

And the easiest way to do that is Facebook LIVE videos.

What we are recommending in 2019 is to start your “7 Series FB LIVE Videos“.

What are the 7 Series Videos?

7 Top Frequent Asked Questions
7 Videos on your top Services offered.
7 Videos on your top Conditions Treated.

What I recommend is that each week, you schedule 5 minutes to record a short 2-3 minute segment on one of those areas:

Talk about a service you offer, a condition your treat, or a FAQ that patient’s usually ask.

Get a tripod that has a cell phone attachment and record the Facebook LIVE video right there on your cell phone each week. Please wear proper attire: Scrubs, or dress shirt with white lab coat. Record it the same time each week and then run a small campaign to your existing audiences or fans of your page each week.

To learn more about the 7 Series Video, what this short (FB LIVE) video that Chris Suglia and I recorded recently.


Have a great week and start recording some content!

Dr. James Roman
CEO iVelocity Marketing