What I learned from doing Walmart Spinal Screenings…

It felt pretty amazing to sit at my graduation in December of 2001. Finally, after 4 hard years, I was receiving my doctorate in chiropractic. I remember thinking about how damn cool it sounded to be called, “Doctor”. People had to respect me now, because I had letters after my name. It was such a great time…

Then reality set in.

Reality sets in pretty fast when you’re doing spinal screenings at Walmart and Sam’s Club. In fact, Sam’s Club would not allow me to actually screen patients inside their store, so I had to sit outside the front of the store and try to screen patients as they left with their groceries. Picture if you can, a youthful Dr. Roman, standing at a table in front of SAM’s with flyers blowing off the table from the wind, and trying to accost shoppers as they walked out.

I can tell you those letters after my name didn’t really seem important any more. I can’t tell you how many people walked past me and said, “I’m not interested.” If I totaled all of them up, it would probably be THOUSANDS.

Thousands of NO’s.

So why did I keep going back?

Because I didn’t give a damn about the no’s. (I still don’t)

To me, it was a numbers game. It’s always been that way. I knew that every time I went out did a screening, all I needed was 1 patient to say yes. Just one. And in those early years of my practice building, I built an incredible living off the yes’s.

I still do it today.

Looking back on it, I know it was all character building. In fact, I know I’m not alone because a lot of our successful clients admit to me that they started out in this incredibly humbling fashion as well.

So when I hear a staff member or doctor, complaining about sitting in their office (with A/C) and how hard it is to CALL, TEXT or EMAIL a lead, I just have to smile.

It’s not difficult.

It’s easier today than it has ever been to get new patients into your practice, but you still have to put out effort in.

And you have to be okay with being told NO, more than you’re told yes.

Our Implant Dentists present case plans for $25,000 to $45,000. Our Stem Cell clients present care plans for $12,000 -15,000.

When you are selling large fee cases (anything above $2000) you will be told “No” more than you are told yes.

You have to be okay with it.

Because if you are persistent, if you stick with it, you will build an incredible business, practice and life out of the yes’s.


Dr. James Roman
CEO iVelocity Marketing