The 2019 Implant and Full Arch Marketing Blueprint: How to fill your practice with qualified New Implant and Full Arch Cases.


Here’s What You’ll Learn…

  • The Power of Niching Your Website Specifically For Implant and Full Arch Cases!

  • How $1 Ad Spend Creates $10 of Implant Sales!

  • How We Generated 59 New Implant Consultations in 1 Month!

  • How To Build Connection and Rapport with Every New Patient BEFORE They Ever Walk Into Your Practice!

  • How To Automate Your Marketing To Produce Educated, Motivated and Qualifed New Implant Patients!


For 2019, dental implants have become a very hot topic for General Dental Practices.  With so many new training courses, you now have more opportunities to place their own implants.  But one of the challenges that most GP’s have is finding more Implant and Full Arch cases for their dental practice. Continue reading to learn how to fill your practice with qualified new implant and full arch cases.

Implant Marketing Strategy #1: Niching Your Website Specifically for Implant and Full Arch Cases

It sounds like common sense that niching your website to reflect the types of cases you want in your practice; however, one of the most common findings we see with Implant Dentists is they have 40 page websites with generalized content about every possible service they offer and every type of condition they treat.  And most of the content is so generalized, that it becomes extremely difficult for a potential new patient to find the information THEY need to see that proves you specialize in dental implants.  Implant cases are more invasive procedures, patients definitely want to know that you specialize in these services before choosing you.  And when there is nothing on your site that differentiates you from any other general dentist, then it becomes harder for them to choose you as their implant provider.

A good friend of mine recently tore his ACL ligament in his knee.  And when he sought out care for his knee, he didn’t go to just a general orthopedist; he went to a knee specialist.  (Someone who specialized in providing surgical care for torn ACL’s.)  Does this mean that you have to have a fellowship in implants, no.  But it means that when they are looking for a provider who does implants, they want someone with experience.  Your website must present that you have experience in Implant and Full Arch care if you want a shot at getting more new cases. 

At Ivelocity Dental Marketing, we recommend creating a separate niched implant and full arch website.  This is usually in addition to your existing practice website. 

And the reason why we do this, is because when we spend money to get a person to your website, we want to focus on them seeing information

Implant Marketing Strategy #2: Utilize Marketing Platforms That Can Build Connection, Rapport and Trust

Implants are not simple procedures to have done.  For patients, this means multiple visits and hours spent in a dental chair before everything is completed.   It’s not easy to have done and it’s not cheap either.   So in order for someone who’s never been to your practice before, to make a buying decision with your practice, there must be some sort of trust, connection and rapport established.  At the end of the day, they must feel like they can trust you before they choose you for this type of care. 

It is essential to utilize marketing platforms that are designed to establish trust and connection with a patient BEFORE they walk into your practice.  Of all the marketing platforms that are available today, Facebook is the best possible platform to build connect, rapport and establish trust with your new potential implant patient. Direct mail, TV, and Radio are all great advertising platforms, but they are shotgun approaches for your marketing.  When someone sees your TV commercial, but is not ready to call you yet, you can’t save that person’s information and go back to them with more content (Video, Blog Post, Case Study).

In addition, what if they are outside of your area, say 20 miles away.  Can you specifically target a 10-mile radius around your office with TV, and Radio?  No.  They are essential, one time deals, and unless you have the budget to continually run ads daily and monthly, potential new patients cannot connect with your brand and practice.    

With Facebook ad campaigns, we can now save a person’s information who has seen our Implant ads, and send them more content about Implants.  We can go back to that same person, daily, weekly, and monthly and send them a new piece of information designed to set you apart from your competition.  Video testimonials from your existing patients, case studies and before and after images of some of you fantastic work.  This leads us into the next marketing strategy…

Implant Marketing Strategy #3: Utilize the Facebook Advertising Platform

As we discussed in the previous section, no other marketing platform can allow you to target in on a specific radius around your practice while at the same time, build connect, rapport and trust with a new potential new implant patient like Facebook can.  It is the single most advanced, targeted advertising platform on the planet today and it’s where your key demographic for implants spends their time. 

Facebook is so successful for our clients that on average, they generate over $40,000 in new implant services every single month. 

The best part about Facebook is that users have time to spend on Facebook and read your content.  The entire reason they are on Facebook is to waste time or escape for a little while and see how other people are doing with their lives.  And for a service that requires education, and connection, it’s a perfect platform.  Because now we can save their information into a specific audience of Facebook users who are interested in Implants, and continuously show them new pieces of content and advertising designed to educate, connect and build rapport. 

Can you imagine what it would feel like if your new implant patients already felt like they know and trust you, before they even sit down in your chair?  Selling care becomes a whole-lot-easier when patients feel like they know you.  And the entire connection, education, and rapport building process can be automated to occur without you ever lifting a finger or leaving your office. 

Implant Marketing Strategy #4: Using Retargeting Ads – Facebook and Perfect Audience

Have you ever been on Amazon or E-bay and left the page you were on and saw an advertisement for the product on a different website page.  That’s retargeting.  And how it works is once you visit a website page, the advertising will store your information and retarget you with either the same product or a slightly different product.  Why?  Because they realize that you were interested in the product or service.  And they know that because of how busy you are, maybe you didn’t order today, but 2 weeks from now, when you’re sitting around your house on a Saturday and see an ad, you’ll click on it and order it.  But the best part of retargeting campaigns is they allow you to build a highly targeting audience of people who are interested in either implant or full arch procedures and allow you to constantly send new bits of information and educational advertising that shows them your results and gives you more credibility. 

The most popular advertising platforms for Retargeting Campaigns are Facebook, Adwords and Perfect Audience.  However for healthcare or health related advertising, Adwords does not allow retargeting campaigns or audience features on their platform, so we use Perfect Audience instead.  With Perfect Audience, once a visitor goes to your website page about Implants or Full Arch procedures, we can immediately target them with new ads once they leave your site. 

With Facebook retargeting ads, we can send them case studies, before and after pictures and patient video testimonials every week.  Over a period of time, every potential new implant patient feels like they begin to know the work that you do and the results that you can achieve for your patients.  This creates more interest and ultimately, motivated and educated new patients in your dental chair.

Implant Marketing Strategy #5: Use LIVE Video – Video Streaming Services

Video is everywhere now.  Google created it’s live streaming platform: Google Hangouts almost 2 years ago.  Facebook started their live video streaming platform over a year ago and most recently opened it up to everyone about 6 months ago.  Scroll through your Facebook feed on the weekends and all you’ll see are videos or video advertising. 

Why is this?

Video has always been THE most powerful advertising medium because of the instant connection that it can build with a potential new customer or patient.  Radio and direct mail cannot build a connection with people like video can.  Just think about video testimonials versus written ones.  How more powerful are your patient video testimonials versus when a patient writes a testimonial or leaves a review. They are more powerful because a person actually took the time to tell their story about themselves and their experience with your business.  And that’s the key with video; it tells a story.  And stories connect with people.  

Think about any speaker that you’ve seen who tells a great story.  A great story connects and a great story sells, and that’s why video and using Live video in your practice is so powerful. Taking a 10 minute break and doing a Live Video stream on your business Facebook page about what you’re actually treating in the office can educate a potential new implant patient about the procedure and what to expect.

Just taking a few minutes to review the most frequently asked questions about implants and full arch procedures can handle any concerns that a potential new patient might have about treatment and move them towards receiving care.  A great strategy is to write down the 5 most common questions that you hear from patients before they start treatment and take a short video and review that question.  Or if that’s question doesn’t provide enough content, take all 5 questions and handle it on one live video.  Send out an email to your patient list or inactive patients and invite them to your page at the time you’ll be doing the live video stream. And that’s all it takes to implement live streams in your practice marketing.

Implant Marketing Strategy #6: Video Testimonials and Case Studies

We’re all built with some level of skepticism in our DNA.  It’s there based on previous experiences and poor buying choices that we’ve all had in the past.  And that’s why now more than ever, new patients look for social credibility about how good you are.  Especially with implants and full arch or full mouth procedures.  They want to know that you’re good.  They want to see social proof of your skills, and trust that you’re experienced in providing this type of care. 

Video testimonials work because there is nothing more powerful than having a real live person tell their story about how you changed their life by having an implant or full arch procedure placed.  Their video tells a story that creates an emotional response in the potential new patient. If a potential new patient is struggling with the same condition or emotions that your existing patient is, they can identify with that and it attracts them to your office even more.   That is why video is so powerful for your practice marketing. 

A simple strategy to implement is run a testimonial contest, where the patient who gives the best testimonial about their experience with your practice, wins a dinner for two or a free overnight trip to a spa.  Most of your best patients don’t needs gifts to motivate them to leave a testimonial, they’ll do it because they love you and they love the practice; but it definitely can give them more motivation to step in front of a video camera. 

In our experience, most patients are scared of being on camera, but once they are coached, 80% of them do a fantastic job with telling their stories.  One of the strategies that we use for getting at least 3 strong testimonials that we can use, is record 5 videos, knowing that a few of the patients will not be strong on video.  With this strategy, we’re almost guaranteed that we’ll have 2 or 3 videos that we can use.

Implant Marketing Strategy #7: Use Google Adwords

Over the last few years, digital marketing platforms have grown by leaps and bounds.  Just 3 years ago, in 2013, the only PAID advertising that you could do on all the marketing platforms (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram) was only with Google AdWords.  Google Adwords has been around for 15 years!  And even though there has been multiple new advertising platforms available, I still like Adwords.  I like it because the people that come from AdWords are out there searching and they’re doing online searches for specifically implant dentistry.

The only challenge you have with Adwords is that there’s a lot of other implant dentists that are selling their care for smaller amounts or for lower services, and so you’re competing on price. What I find with AdWords versus Facebook is on AdWords, the first time they see you, they may actually be shopping around and comparing prices with your competition.  So even though they are actively SEARCHING for an implant dentist; they’re going to see your competition and they are going to compare you on price. 

I don’t like marketing based on lowest price.  I like marketing on providing the BEST service and the BEST dental care. 

On Facebook, when we give them a piece of information, they’re not shopping around. We’re giving them a piece of relevant information about implants and then we’ll continue to communicate to them.   So even though they may not be ACTIVELY searching for an implant dentist, when they arrive on our information, we continue to market to them until they are ready to see you.  And by the time they come into your practice, they know so much about you, and the trust is already established; which means you don’t have to offer the lowest price implant care.  They’re picking you because they truly desire care from you and your practice!

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