Business Coaching

Learn How We Can Get at Least 20 New Patients in Your Office Each Month

Find Out How We Can Market Your Practice Directly to Local Patients in Need of Dental Implant Services.

Our purpose at iVelocity Dental Marketing is first to provide our clients with qualified and highly motivated new patients that are ready to start care in their practices. Without the need to worry about where the next patient is coming from, practice owners are free to focus on other crucial aspects of their business.

Once new patients are through the door, it’s important that they choose to keep coming back and continue to receive care. Not only do our services bring in new and qualified patients, our added Consulting and Coaching Services make those new patients want to stay with their chosen practice.

No matter how impressive the marketing strategy might be, patients will quickly recognize a chaotic, disorganized practice, and will not return. Each new patient lost leads to lower collections and lower production for the business as a whole.

With our Consulting and Coaching services, practice owners learn the most successful ways to sell care and the services they provide. This includes training practice owners how to build the most successful team by:

  • Hiring the right team members
  • Preparing them to confidently handle caller scheduling and questions
  • Training them to solve problems independently
  • Managing them properly

The end result is an established, well-organized system that allows for a practice to run smoothly and efficiently, even without the dentist or doctor always being present.

Learn more about our consulting and coaching services at iVelocity dental marketing, call us at 720-650-7363.

The marketing campaign that we launched over a year ago has increased the number of implant cases by over 150%. This not only means an increase in patient cases but a huge advance in the number of implants that I have been able to place! The impact on my practice has been nothing short of miraculous and most importantly, for me personally, the satisfaction and benefits I have gained from the increase has made me well…. HAPPY! Dr. Dan Hill


I’ve been working with Ivelocity for over 3 years now, and he experience has been great. Dr. Roman and his team know their business very well and are very attentive to all my concerns. Most importantly, I’m working with someone who truly cares about the success of my business. The advice and help I’m receiving is from someone who has been there before and actually has done it successfully before. Dr. David Slossberg

Ivelocity brings results! Dr. Roman tailored what I wanted into a working marketing program. I have been able to help more people because they were able to find me through their marketing. Dr. Roman cares about my results and makes sure that the program is running properly. Would definitely recommend. Dr. Woods Woolwine


We’ve been working with them for a few years now and we have definitely seen an increase in our new patient calls from the internet. What has also been so great is they have completely taken the time to train our staff on how to handle calls efficiently and get the patient in the office. They are great to work with and they always send out tidbits of information to help our practice. Dr. Ben Dammel

We Offer a Comprehensive Marketing Solution for Dental Offices